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Australian Native Bush Foods

Experience the richness and variety of Australian native bush food and cuisine. Outback Pride brings you a range of native herbs and spices, as well as a vibrant selection of sauces, dressings and relishes.

This is native bush food from the heart of Australia, shared with traditional Aboriginal communities and now available for you to enjoy at home.

Shop online for native herbs, sauces and relishes, among other delicious native food products. Become part of our community on Facebook for the latest news and ideas.

For a Sustainable Table

With growing awareness of our eco footprint with food choices, Australian native foods are a sustainable choice for your table. As well as being innovative, with an inspiring range of species and flavours, Outback Pride bush foods are organically grown and eco-friendly.

As a nation of foodies, we have a uniquely vibrant food culture right in our (out)back yard. Not only are these fruits and herbs delicious, but they also outshine all others when it comes to nutritional value. Why not make room on your plate for Australia's very own superfoods?

Penola and Coonawarra Arts Festival


In May 2017 we once again enjoyed the Penola and Coonawarra Arts Festival in South Australia's South-East, celebrating food, culture and art across the region.

For highlights from the 2016 and 2017 Penola and Coonawarra Arts Festival at Cobb & Coclick here.

Fresh and Frozen Native Foods have moved

Outback Pride Fresh Food Service

Food service supply of fresh and frozen native foods now have a new home at Outback Pride Fresh - click here for distributors, species lists and contact details. Mike and Gayle Quarmby, the originators of the Outback Pride project and brand, will continue to run Outback Pride Fresh, supplying weekly fresh and frozen native foods to Australian restaurants and other customers in the hospitality industry.

From early 2015, the grocery lines and dried food service - and this website right here! - are still under the banner of Outback Pride, and have been taken over by Cobb & Co, an exciting development for Penola in South Australia - read more here.

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