Cobb and Co Penola

Exciting move for Outback Pride!

Cobb & Co Penola Hub thumbnailFrom February 2015, Outback Pride has a new venue and home in Penola.

Introducing Cobb & Co

The historic town of Penola, in South Australia's Coonawarra region, is where you will find the heart and home of Vic and Maura Musolino, the new owners of Outback Pride.

Cobb & Co itself is a heritage-listed property that was built in the 1850s. For Vic and Maura, it represents a move back to their cultural roots and has given them a new sense of purpose and commitment to the sustainability of the Australian native food story.

As a beautiful local venue, the Cobb & Co hub is also in a perfect location to share and spread the word about the Outback Pride Story. You'll find Vic and Maura at Cobb & Co hosting native food tastings as well as educating and spreading the word through an audio visual exhibition. Check out events for more details.

An Historical Location

Cobb & Co Old Office

Local legend suggests this building was used as the booking office and storage area for the Cobb and Co. Stagecoaches which operated through Penola from 1857 until their decline in the late 1880s when Penola was linked to the South East railway.

In July 1889 the building was purchased by the Penola Butter and Cheese Company for use as a cheese factory. Following the installation of equipment and the addition of a cheese curing room, production commenced in November 1889. The company was sold in 1905 to Howard and Robertson who continued cheese making until the 1920s, when the factory closed. The adjoining "Tregenza Gallery" was built to extend the cheese-making operations but the factory closed before the building could be completed.

Old Cobb & Co ColourFor many years the buildings were used for storage. In 1976 they were purchased by the Penola Branch of the National Trust of South Australia who restored and adapted them for use as a restaurant in 1984.

Now in the 21st century, the Cobb & Co building has a new lease on life as the hub of Outback Pride manufacturing and distribution, as part of the vibrant Coonawarra tourist region.

The Outback Pride Story

At the heart of the Outback Pride Story remain Mike and Gayle Quarmby, the creators of the Project and brand. While they have handed over the grocery product reins to Vic and Maura, the two couples will keep working closely together toward the mutual goal of growing the Australian native food industry.

Mike and Gayle will continue to be the driving force behind the Outback Pride Project and they will also focus on the Outback Pride Fresh native food service brand.